Ivan Prikhodko’s Fantastic beasts

Ivan Prykhodko is a master of decorative painting, folk toys and sculpture. For more than three decades, the master has been prolifically working in the field of decorative painting, folk toys and wooden sculpture. The works of the artist are characterized by an inherent symmetry in composition, a balance of individual elements, a rhythmical quality and multilevel depictions, a generalization of the image, its metaphor and symbolism. Prykhodko's artistic talent also manifests itself in the manufacture of traditional moving toys and toys which make sound, small decorative sculptures and figurative utensils. It is noteworthy that in the chaos of existence he finds and preserves the memory of centuries, and continues to carry the traditional and secret knowledge of our ancestors, building a spiritual bridge from the past to the present. In addition to his own artistic work, Ivan Vasylyovych teaches painting to children in school, because he has a remarkable flair as a teacher. Since 1972 he has been conducting a studio of folk painting in the village of Dudarkiv.